St. Augustine Academy of Pampanga


The seal of the school shows an EAGLE perched on a banner bearing the school motto, “AD ASTRA PER FIDEM,” (To The Stars Through Faith), adopted in 1946—a year inscribed below it.

The BIRD serves as an emblem that the school is a legacy of a former US army, Father Devlin. The eagle is a logo of the US army and navy; and appears minted in the American coin currency. Its wings spread widely as if preparing to soar high is a symbolism of the school’s longtime ideology—that is to aim high and go for the stars. July 4, 1946 is the foundation date of St. Augustine Academy of Pampanga (SAAP), then St. Augustine Academy (SAA); the same date of the Filipino-American Friendship Day.

Over the eagle’s wings is the symbol of the Association of Archdiocesan Schools of Pampanga (AASP) that means that SAAP is an archdiocesan educational institution. Its color being white is a symbol of simplicity, purity and peace.

The dominant colors green and gold are both the colors of St. Joseph the Worker since SAAP was once a parochial school and hence, under the said parish.

The Vision Statement

St. Augustine Academy of Pampanga Inc. is a Catholic Archdiocesan Educational Community centered in the person and message of Jesus Christ, animated by Gospel values and guided by church teachings and practices.

The Mission Statement

To adopt and implement the Philippine Catholic Schools Standards (PCSS).

My heart is restless until it finds its rest in Thee.

_ St. Augustine