St. Augustine Academy of Pampanga

History of SAAP

The St. Augustine Academy of Pampanga, then Saint Augustine Academy,was established in 1946 when US Army Capt. Rev. Fr. Joseph A. Devlin, assigned at the Palacol Air Base, now Basa Air Base, proposed the establishment of a catholic school to Rev. Fr. Lucinio Valles, OSA, then the parish priest of Floridablanca.

In July 1946, the school formally opened with one hundred thirty-five students, mostly in their twenties. Classes were held at the sacristy of the church due to the absence of room  facilities. Rev. Fr. Joseph A. Devlin headed the school. He was assisted by Mr. Mariano Sagad as acting principal, who was eventually replaced by Mr. Fermin L. Loredo when he resigned. The school hired three teachers namely: Ms. Nunilon Vitug, Ms. Dolores Enrile and Ms. Gregoria Dychitan.

On April 20, 1948, the government recognized SAA as a non-stock, private, catholic school. The documents of incorporation were signed by the Most Rev. Michael J. O’Doherty, the Archbishop of Manila, Msgr. Rufino J. Santos, the Auxiliary Bishop of Manila, Rev. Fr. Lucinio Valles, OSA, Ramon J. Mendiola, Mr. Dominador D. Songco, Mr. Geronimo D. Coronel and Mr. Teofilo Gutierrez. Since its founding, the following served as the directors of the school: Rev.Fr. Joseph A. Devlin, 1946-1948; Rev. Fr. Lucinio Valles, OSA, 1948-1960; Rev. Msgr. Crispiniano Y. Gopez, 1960-1968; Rev. Msgr. Vicente R. Navarro, 1968-1974; Rev. Msgr. Felipe C. Pangilinan, 1974-1987; Rev. Msgr. Constantino R. Panlilio, 1987; Dr. Jose P. Mendiola,1987-1992; Rev Fr. Mark G. Manabat, 1992-2001; Rev Fr. Eduardo T. De Leon 2001- 2007; Rev. Fr. Elmer G. Dizon, 2007 to 2013; Rev. Fr. Winifredo S. Santos, 2013 to date.

From a mere sacristy as classroom, SAAP has now the following school buildings: St. Joseph Bldg. 1980, Fr. Devlin Bldg. 1984, Archbishop Bldg. 1994, Mater Dei Bldg. and Jubilee Bldg. 1997, Blessed Trinity Bldg. 1998, DSF Bldg and Home Economics Bldg. 1999, Our Lady of Remedies Bldg. 2001. The Devlin Bldg. was reconstructed for the extensive Library and houses the School Clinic, Registrar’s Office, Internet Room, Conference Room as well as the Prayer Room.

Currently, SAAP has more than one hundred staff and around two thousand plus students and pupils.

In S.Y. 2002- 2003, SAAP welcomed Information Technology with its updated and sufficient computers, internet access, digital audio-visual technology, and computerized library system.

In S.Y. 2004-2005, a four storey building was constructed and named after John Paul II. The building is currently used by the grade school department, and for the additional school facilities:

  • Two Computer Laboratories
  • Audio-Visual Room
  • Speech Laboratory

In S.Y. 2005-2006, the new Main Gate was constructed and all the buildings were repainted to make the school more appealing. In addition to this, Rev. Fr. Eduardo T. De Leon initiated the use of the school service for students/pupils by purchasing additional school vehicles.

In S.Y. 2006-2007, the St. Joseph Building was renovated and a gymnasium was built to answer the growing needs of our students/pupils as well as the staff.

In S.Y. 2007-2008, a new sound system was installed for the gymnasium and the Emeriti Corner was  built to give due recognition to our loyal and dedicated retired teachers.

In S.Y. 2008-2009, renovations of offices of the High School Principal, High School Assistant Principals, the Tagaste office, HRD office, Alumni office and the Coordinator for PAASCU office were done. The Multi Purpose Hall located at the fourth  floor of the Trinity building was converted into two classrooms. A new faculty room which is located on the second floor of the same building was built. For faculty and staff development, the MA Program was also started. The school provides financial assistance for those who availed the program. Also, another school vehicle was purchased for staffs’ use.

In S.Y. 2009-2010, the school canteen is built and relocated at the side of the St. Ambrose Gym.

In S.Y. 2010-2011, multi-media projectors and white screens were installed from pre-school/grade school classrooms to high school classrooms.

In S.Y. 2012-2013, CCTVs were installed to the different buildings and areas of the school for security reasons.

In S.Y. 2013-2014, St. Monica Theater was built which serves as an Audio-Visual Room of the school and is located at Holy Trinity Building. The prayer room was also renovated for a bigger capacity.

This school year 2015-2016, grade 7 classrooms were renovated and air conditioning units were installed. Additional classrooms were built to prepare for the Senior High School.


The Vision Statement

St. Augustine Academy of Pampanga Inc. is a Catholic Archdiocesan Educational Community centered in the person and message of Jesus Christ, animated by Gospel values and guided by church teachings and practices.

The Mission Statement

To adopt and implement the Philippine Catholic Schools Standards (PCSS).

My heart is restless until it finds its rest in Thee.

_ St. Augustine